5 fun activities for kids to thrive while isolating at home

Kids out of school to prevent coronavirus… 15 days (or more) at home isolated with the kids? Sight… Here are 5 fun activities and games to thrive while isolating. Keeping your toddlers and preschoolers entertained so you can get things done and have some time for yourself (or just keep your sanity)

Usually, when my kids are home, if I try to work to get things done, I just end up stressing myself; my kids tantrum, we both get upset… And, after I put them to bed at night, I regret it and think I should have just stop doing work and spend quality time with them as I haven’t achieved anything at work, anyway. 

I am certain that next week this anxious feeling will be back, so Warren and I have planned to take turns to keep our kids entertained while the other one (tries to) work. I have decided that my turn to entertain the kids I will be all in. It is not very often that we get to spend so much time during weekdays with our kids, so I am going to be grateful for that, see the positive side of it and take advantage of it. 

I know there’s lots of ideas out there about how to keep your kids entertained during isolation, but I wanted to share my fun and creative ideas with you too. They’re a bit different and have already been tested by my kids. Basically, I know that they work. If you get them into the activity, you could even leave them to it for a while 😉

Here’s my 5 fun and easy activities to thrive while isolating:

Curvy board and train track activity

1. Train track fun

Have you got an electric train? Nolan loves trains and can spend hours playing with them. For Christmas we decided to buy him an electric one and it was the best present ever. He loves to follow the train around and see how many other carriages he can attach to it.

In this activity, not only he works out his hand-eye coordination but also he’s moving around following the train. The addition of the Curvy board makes it a bit more exciting and provides another fun element to it: climbing under, laying or sitting down on top, sliding out…

Dressing up fun activity

2. Dress Up

It is always a hit between toddlers and preschoolers to dress up. Nothing fancy needed here, just a few scarfs, a small blanket, anything you can find at home will do. Children will find out different ways of putting it on and will keep entertained for a while.

3. Pinball

We came up with this activity one day we were bored at home playing with building blocks. My daughter found a bit of adhesive putty and started sticking the blocks to the Curvy board.  I thought it was a brilliant idea and went to find a ball to make it more interesting. We played for a long time changing the position of the blocks and looking at the ball running down.

4. Play football

Get outside and play! My daughter likes football, but any other sport should do here. By offering children a different surface to play with, they spend time researching and trying to find out new ways to play (kick the ball in this case) and creating new rules.

5. Magnets

After coming up with the idea of the pinball, we thought it would be nice if the blocks could attach to the board as magnets. Then we went on and experimented with two magnets, one on the back of the board and one on the front. One of us hid on the back of the board moving the magnet and the kids loved watching the magnet on the front moving, they thought it was magic!!

NOTE: We use a Curvy balance board for this ideas, but it is not essential and the activities could be done on other surfaces, like for example cardboard.


If, however, you are interested in a Curvy board, head to our website to learn more and register to our newsletter for a little surprise.

If you liked this post, please comment, share or even message to say you read it! And we’d love to see your photos if you try any of our ideas I love hearing from you 🙂

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