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5 fun and sensory activities for babies to thrive

Do you need ideas to entertain your baby while supporting her development? Here are 5 fun and sensory activities for your baby to thrive during self-isolation

Here are my top 5 sensory activities for babies to thrive during self-isolation. 

Sensory play is very important in the early years: it encourages discovery as well as inspiring imagination and creativity. 

All the sensory activities proposed use a Curvy balance board to encourage movement and work on balance. Every movement a baby makes -intentional or accidental- leads to learning. With every move, your baby’s physical capabilities develop. But at the same time, movement is building sensory perceptions and critical pathways in the brain necessary to reach her full potential.

Sensory play can benefit a child’s development and learning in many ways. Adding movement to it adds another dimension to their play and learning.

“All learning begins with the body. It has to. It’s our point of reference. And for children, it’s even more so because the body is the brain’s first teacher. And the lesson plan is movement.” – A Moving Child is a Learning Child. Gill Connell and Cheryl McCarthy.

1.- Bubbles

Everyone has a pack of bubbles at home somewhere! If not, they’re easy to pick up at a local shop cheaply.
Bubbles + a curvy = a brilliant multi-sensory experience.

As they watch and try to catch the bubbles, the surface moves beneath them and activates their core. Great for developing those first balancing skills! For older children, the same can be achieved by catching bubbles whilst standing in the centre of the board.

2.- Feathers

Little craft feathers are easy to come by, and they make a great little activity. Tickling your baby feet on a Curvy board makes them work their core to keep the balance

Feathers + Curvy board = the perfect combo


3.- Mirrors

Mirrors add a fascinating element of learning and exploration to sensory activities. Even though your baby may not recognise himself/herself, looking into a mirror is still a fun experience. Gazing at their reflection helps in the development of their self-awareness, cognitive and social skills (from parent guided play as you help them explore what they are seeing and communicate what’s going on) If you’ve never experimented with mirror play, you really must! Whether it is a small mirror or a full-length wall mirror. Add a Curvy board to put an entirely new spin on the activity, adding movement to improve balance and captivate young children.

4.- Scarfs

Silk scarves are a wonderful sensory resource to create visual effects and provide textural and visual stimulation. Hand-Eye Co-ordination, Tracking, Focus and Concentration are some of the skills your baby will work on with this activity

Babies will enjoy these Sensory Scarves to enhance music, movement, colour awareness and during role play.

Adding a Curvy balance board to this activity helps with challenging the body with balance and working out the core muscles. 

5.- Coordination

For this activity, use a car or ball to slide down the Curvy board and observe your baby’s behaviour. Does she follow the car with her eyes? Does she try to reach the car with her hands? 

Like many of the other developmental skills, good hand-eye coordination is achieved through play. An the more your baby plays with it, the more experience she’ll get and the better she’ll become at it.

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