At Young & Learning we do everything with children and the planet in mind! 

Young & Learning is an award-winning, child-led, eco-friendly toy company based in the UK. We make sustainable open-ended toys using 100% natural materials. Our toys are beautifully made, high quality and will last for generations!

Our aim is to provide families with toys that ignite imaginations, support child development and create endless opportunities to learn and grow through play. The simple design of our toys enables children the freedom to discover infinite exciting ways to play and enhance their creativity. 

We are passionate about looking after and protecting our planet, so we go the extra mile to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise the use and wastage of plastic, from selecting natural materials for our products, right through to choosing a web hosting server that uses only renewable energy! 

We are proud to be able to design products that not only help child development but are also sustainable, durable and provide years of enjoyment for children and parents alike.

Our Story

Young & Learning was founded in 2017 by husband and wife team; Warren and Maria, just before their second child was born. 

After years of scuba diving together on holidays, Warren and Maria have a heightened awareness of environmental issues and have made significant efforts to make smart choices in their home life and reduce their waste. Since becoming parents, they became increasingly aware and frustrated by the amount of plastic used in children’s toys and the subsequent contribution to plastic waste and they were determined to make a difference.  

Maria discovered a real passion for child development since having their first child, and through this has gained understanding of the importance of learning through play and encouraging children’s imaginations. They found most of the plastic toys they owned to be of low quality and provide limited play value, so decided to donate the majority and just have a few high-quality toys which offered a benefit to their children.

The couple decided to combine their passion for child development with their ambition to reduce plastic waste, to form Young & Learning – a child-led, eco friendly toy company, making sustainable open-ended toys which encourage imagination, creativity and movement. 

Their mission is to nurture young minds, protect our planet and make the world a better place.