About Us


Nurturing Young Minds

In everything we do, we care about our children and our planet. We believe in thinking differently.

outdoors toddler standing on curvy balance board

The way we care about children and our planet is by making beautifully designed sustainable open ended toys that will last for generations.

Our products are simple, high quality and have no right or wrong way to play with them.

We are Young & Learning and would love the world to be a better place.


1. Nurturing young minds

2. Help reduce waste in Toys through smart business choices to avoid plastics and by making high quality toys that will be passed on for generations

3. Make simple but beautiful products for children to learn through play, skills that will be important all through their lives 


Young & Learning is a family run business by Warren, me (Maria) along with our two children and Pug. We are based in Cambridge, UK and both of us have a background in engineering: product development, quality and reliability.

Before having children, we loved scuba diving holidays. Every time we dived into the oceans we witnessed how waste and Carbon Dioxide is causing Climate Change and having a detrimental effect on our oceans and the planet.

In 2017, after finding out we were having a second child we wanted to do more to protect our planet and provide a better world for them. We decided to create Young & Learning, a business as a force for good to reduce toy waste by making products that are played with, encourage child development, are loved and last for years.

We take pride in not multi-tasking and focus working on just a handful of things so we can put our heart into emphasising natural materials, that are healthy, safe and naturally enjoyable for children to learn through play. We believe we have something for everyone and everything we do has been deeply considered to help the environment and provide a better world for our children so we all get the best out of life’s little moments.

Why the Name Young & Learning

By observing our first child moving, playing and learning we became fascinated about child development and the importance of play and movement in the early years. We started reading and studying about the different learning methodologies and realised it’s not about your age, we are all learning and young at heart.