5 fun and sensory activities for babies to thrive

baby sensory play

Do you need ideas to entertain your baby while supporting her development? Here are 5 fun and sensory activities for your baby to thrive during self-isolation Here are my top 5 sensory activities for babies to thrive during self-isolation.  Sensory play is very important in the early years: it encourages discovery as well as inspiring […]

5 fun activities for kids to thrive while isolating at home

Kids out of school to prevent coronavirus… 15 days (or more) at home isolated with the kids? Sight… Here are 5 fun activities and games to thrive while isolating. Keeping your toddlers and preschoolers entertained so you can get things done and have some time for yourself (or just keep your sanity) Usually, when my […]

5 steps to a positive home learning environment

Learning through play

Easy tips for parents to create a positive home learning environment. You have probably heard before the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child”. It means that an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to experience, grow and learn in a safe and healthy environment (a positive home […]

Vegan Campout 2019

Vegan Camp-Out 2019: We were there and what an experience! We had been wanting to go on a family camping trip for a while! So after seeing ads for Vegan Camp-out and finding out they had a family zone, we decided to ask them if they would let us turn up with our new Curvy balance […]

5 easy ways for families to care for the environment

How can we care for the environment as a family? As parents, we have a huge responsibility to raise our children and prepare them for the adult world. It’s no easy task! Our lives are so busy nowadays too.  We naturally just try to just live in the moment and focus on the present. However, […]

Top 5 surprising benefits of going barefoot

Top 5 surprising benefits of going barefoot

The surprising health benefits of going barefoot Buying a first pair of shoes is widely acknowledged as an exciting milestone in our babies’ lives. There is so much choice available too and the tiny shoes are far too cute to resist! But, the question is, why do we feel it’s so important for them to […]

TOP 5 things to look for in a playground

fun and child development in the playground

TOP 5 things to look for in a playground! Having fun in the playground while supporting child development This summer my kids and I have been exploring different playgrounds around Cambridge. There are many things that make a playground great, both for fun and for child development. Water play, sand pit, ropes are some of […]

Childhood Needs More Play

childhood play

Why today’s children need more play? I have so many fond memories of playing as a child. I grew up in a small village in Spain and all the children on our street would always be outside playing together. We’d play such simple games like hide and seek or hopscotch and we’d keep ourselves entertained […]

Quality vs price in wooden toys

Quality vs price in wooden toys

Quality vs price in wooden toys What to look for when buying wooden toys​? Nowadays it is very easy to find different brands making their own version of a wooden toy. As all of them look very similar from the outside, it is sometimes difficult deciding which one to buy. Last week I was visiting […]

Can plastic toys pose a toxic risk?

Most people, including myself, get toys passed down from family and friends. Re-using plastic toys means there’s less plastic being manufactured and filling up landfill or polluting the environment. Choosing the right toys contribute to your child development. As parents, we should be aware of toys risks before buying them for our kids. Second hand […]