5 fun activities for kids to thrive while isolating at home

Kids out of school to prevent coronavirus… 15 days (or more) at home isolated with the kids? Sight… Here are 5 fun activities and games to thrive while isolating. Keeping your toddlers and preschoolers entertained so you can get things done and have some time for yourself (or just keep your sanity) Usually, when my […]

Vegan Campout 2019

Vegan Camp-Out 2019: We were there and what an experience! We had been wanting to go on a family camping trip for a while! So after seeing ads for Vegan Camp-out and finding out they had a family zone, we decided to ask them if they would let us turn up with our new Curvy balance […]

Childhood Needs More Play

childhood play

Why today’s children need more play? I have so many fond memories of playing as a child. I grew up in a small village in Spain and all the children on our street would always be outside playing together. We’d play such simple games like hide and seek or hopscotch and we’d keep ourselves entertained […]

Quality vs price in wooden toys

Quality vs price in wooden toys

Quality vs price in wooden toys What to look for when buying wooden toys​? Nowadays it is very easy to find different brands making their own version of a wooden toy. As all of them look very similar from the outside, it is sometimes difficult deciding which one to buy. Last week I was visiting […]

Can plastic toys pose a toxic risk?

Most people, including myself, get toys passed down from family and friends. Re-using plastic toys means there’s less plastic being manufactured and filling up landfill or polluting the environment. Choosing the right toys contribute to your child development. As parents, we should be aware of toys risks before buying them for our kids. Second hand […]

The Elephant In The Room – Plastic Toys

Should we worry about what plastic toys are doing to our environment? One of the biggest joys of being a parent is handing your child a new toy. Seeing that little smile and abundance of joy on their face as they go off and play with it fills our hearts with joy. As parents, we […]

Curvy balance board at the Children’s Centre

Curvy balance board at the Children’s Centre Early this week we spotted a couple of Young & Learning’s Curvy balance board at the Let’s Get Physical session. This was organised by the Cambridgeshire Child and Family Centres. Every week they explore different aspects of children’s development and this week it was all about balance! The […]

Why is Balance Vital for Children’s Learning

Children are usually ready to start school once they can sit still, pay attention and stay focused. But, when does this happen? Introducing the vestibular system (our 6th sense).  The vestibular system is the one that controls our body movement and balance and together with other systems provide us with body awareness, it is like […]

What is Curvy balance board?

What is curvy balance board? Curvy balance board is an open ended Waldorf inspired toy. It is for all ages and can be used in endless ways. Previous Next We love the question what is Curvy balance board? Curvy is whatever you want it to be! because it’s an open ended toy.  This means it has […]

Behind the scenes of Curvy Balance Board promotional video

wooden balance board

Photo shoot with kids for the Curvy balance board product launch…. Curvy balance board product launch and finally we had some sun! And lots of fun! as we were able to play outside with Curvy Balance board for making the promotional video. We had a photographer and video production company. We also had 5 kids lined […]